All appraisals are done on the premises.

Protect your investment with appraisal services from Kubes Jewelers. Our expert appraisers, including three GIA Graduate Gemologists and two GIA Diamond Graduates, conduct thorough and accurate evaluations to identify current market value, establish authenticity and determine insurance coverage. Every item is reviewed by at least two gemologists to ensure accuracy and consistency. Costs vary per piece, but we offer free estimates on all appraisals.

Our appraisals are very detailed to allow for updates in the future and are based on what your item can be replaced for, no more or no less.  After the initial appraisal, you can call us and have your items updated at any time in the future for $20 dollars an item.  This way, no matter where you live, you can be assured of the ease, economic savings and security our re-appraisals afford you.

We offer insurance replacement appraisals and six types of fair market value appraisals for estate purposes: 

  • Tax purposes 
  • Equitable distribution amongst joint heirs 
  • Orderly cash liquidation 
  • Collateral purposes
  • Distressed sale
  • Guardianship purposes