Mission Statement

Kubes Jewelers is committed to providing the highest level of service, quality and value to our customers. We are a multi-generational family-owned jewelry store and maintain a long-term perspective in every aspect of our business. We provide the same family attributes to our customers – Trust, Reliability and Respect.


Core Values

Excellent in Service

Success does not come easily in a business world of intense competition: it comes through hard work, dedication and passion. We are passionate about what we do, and we are driven to excel in every aspect of our business. We are perceptive, attentive, and responsive to the needs of our customers.


We treat everyone involved with our business – customers, employees and vendors alike – with dignity and respect. We are ethical, honest and deliver on our commitments. The integrity of our business is the result of the integrity exercised daily by each of our employees.

Social Responsibility

We value the quality of life within our community. We understand our role and have partnered with many charitable organizations to help meet the needs of our society. We positively impact the culture of our community by consistently demonstrating our core values.